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Aug. 3rd, 2006 | 10:49 am

1. Trip Photos

At the Harley Davidson Museum. OMG I wanted to buy everything! They have such cute stuff there! Such cute boots, such cute gloves, such cute Tshirts, such cute hats, such cute jackets, such cute pants, such cute clubwear, such cute jewelry, such cute everything ahh! And OMG They have Harleys small enough for my stubby midgety self! I think I may get one one of these days. They are so cute! And not all of them are bulky and copy after copy. It was so cute to see the history of Harley Davidson though. Some funny pictures, like an office lady from the 40's with a pencil skirt on her bike lighting her cigarette. And the milkman.

Bonfire Crashing! Me and sis crashed bonfires every night and we met lots of cool people! Everyone is so nice there! And I met a surfer guy wee! We ran into the ocean holding hands and then embarassingly I got smacked by a wave. But the good thing is he was a gentleman and helped me up all 4 times ^_^Okay so maybe the last 3 were orchestrated but whatever XD Well by the end of the night he got really drunk and I realized he was too crazy cos he ruined everything for us by mooning the cops when they were shining their flashlights on the beach-_-So we all had to vacate the premises:/ Well, it was good though, all the bonfire crashing, cos I realize I have't lost anything, and I've only grown stronger and wiser. Yay!

That's Crazy Justin

Me and my sis took a bunch of pics of ourselves of course.

Mom n Dad. While we were there, they had their anniversary. How sweet huh:)

And it was my mom's BDay

For some reason, the whole trip, all I was craving was cotton candy. heck I still am. I went crazy on the snacks...perhaps why I gained weight. Had peach vanilla yogurt in rainbow sprinkles and cream waffle cone, tiramisu, thai iced coffees, giant chocolate fudge chocolate cake, cappucinos, chocolate chip cookies, pink cotton candy, abba zabbas, cappucino martinis, pina colada, bubblegum, pink popcorn, dr. love chocolate chocolate cookies, pineapple passionfruit icecream, oreo cookie milkshake, pancakes with blackberry jam orange maramalade butter and syrup, blueberry stoli, MMM! I would have had more if I had control of where we were going mwahahaha!

And a whole lot of people were on a retreat for Campus Crusade for Christ. They were all so nice! There was a rock band and movies and yummy food and games and we went to an excellent service at this lil Church in the hills. It was very refreshing. And guess what else? Like EVERYONE was from the South! Only 2 people were from Cali. OMG I FELT SO AT HOME it was awesome! I felt so at home with them, surrounded by Southern accents and people not giving a damn. And tall people there were TALL people! I was a dwarf. OMG it was so awesome to chill with nonYankee Americans after so many years! This one girl was so cute. She was from Kentucky, and she wanted the window closed and she said "Woowee it's a'breezin asonder through that there window!" And we all sang badly to country music and the Yin Yang twins. My sister noticed too wow Ariell you mesh really well with them it's almost as if you guys are connected in some way. Yeah it's cos we're country! :D

This is just some of us who got back early from church: Felicia, Nat, and...aww I forgot her name^_^ They're from South Carolina and Texas.

Look at our neighborhood's private beach aww.

Last but not least, some surfer pics. There's more...believe me lol. But I'll just show you three.

Just to show you where the waves headed.

2. Birthday Wishes. Trying to think of what I want for my birthday. I know I may have a lil cookout or something like that. Cos I want these plates with cherries on them at Target. Yes that's the only reason. if their sold out, I'm not having a cookout. I'll know soon.


1. Dolce & Gabbana
2. Dolce & Gabbana
3. Diesel
4. Diesel

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